The Old Vicarage

I went on an excursion (2011) with the U3A MK group to visit the “Old Vicarage” garden near East Ruston.
It was a whole days tour that first took us to Thetford where we had 45 minutes to have a cupper and walk along the Little Ouse river banks.
We then went on to Wroxham Barns  where we browsed the shops and galleries and had some food. They had, sadly, run out of “dressed crap” so I opted for a “crayfish tail cocktail”.

We left Wroxham Barns at 14:45 and to my surprise (I was checking on my GPS) we went past the Vicarage and went to the sea side by Walcott; because it would have been a pity to have come that close to the sea without seeing the sea.

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We arrived at the “Old Vicarage” around 14:20. My friend Hilary parked me at the tea-shop at about 15:30, that defiantly was all I could manage. Thank god for lots of benches there was at least one in each of the gardens and Hilary had brought her shooting-stick with her so when there wasn’t a bench I could still have a rest.

We departed from the “Vicarage” at 18:00 and arrived back at MK 20:15. All in all a great day with fantastic weather, very enjoyable but also exhausting. Thanks god I have some pain-killers, I don’t know what condition I will be in tomorrow.

Thanks to the organizers from U3A.


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