My new under the stairs cupboard

It started with a creaky 1st step on my staircase. I had a builder/handyman in two days running.
On the 1st day he fixed the 1st step – beautiful! It is now not creaking and feels very safe.
On the 2nd day he converted the hollow below the stairs to a cupboard space.
See pictures below.

2016-01-12 19.08.302016-01-12 19.08.57

Isn’t that just a good use of wasted space?
Now all I need to do is paint the door and frame.

Today is black Friday

Talk about a black ending to a horrible week!

1st my cleaning lady arrived “Brahms & List”; my neighbour found her fallen off her bike in the street.

2nd David went swimming in the smallest of my ponds, and he wasn’t even influenced, he managed to behead my cherub and I am NOT pleased.

2014-11-27 15.45.47 2014-11-27 15.45.10

3rd Some unknown IDIOT took down my fence, smashed my wheelbarrow and moved my shed 12″-15″ (30cm) – thank God they were where they were, otherwise Mr U.N.Known would have landed in my study. I did have the pleasure of finding a 10 by 5 cm piece of the sump by my fence => good bye to their car

fence-2 fence-1
wheelbarrow-1 shed-2
wheelbarrow-2 shed-1