I sold my 2 seater sofa bed today

I put it up on Gumtree and it didn’t take 5 minutes to sell; except my friend Dave warned me that payment should be cash on collection only.
The buyer that was really pushy, only wanted to pay using PayPal; Dave pointed out the danger of using PayPal to me. What is to stop the buyer collecting the goods and the ask PayPal to refund the payment insisting that the goods was not as described. This could result in: no sofa bed and no money!
So I told the customer cash only on collection; and guess what; he was no longer interested.
I had though had 2 more queries about the sofa bed, so I phoned one of them and they were delighted. They came this morning – mother and daughter – hmmm with the weight and awkward size of the sofa, hmmm.
Dave had said that he would come over because he didn’t like me dealing on my own with total strangers coming into my house. Fair point! So he came over and ended helping them. We also ended taking the bed out of the sofa, to enable them to move it and that made it so easy; but the mother had to come back for the bed.
My study looks so empty and huge without the sofa bed.
Coco, my cat, can’t jump up on my workspace anymore, so I had to put a chair close to the worktop for her to use as a ladder.

My poorly old fridge is just a lamp

Day before yesterday I noticed that my fridge wasn’t performing as it should, but I didn’t think more about it.
Then yesterday – where I was rather busy – I finally got home at 18:00 I was reminded by the fridge that it was only a light switch without any cooling power; as the butter was soft when I picked it up from the fridge. Oh what tedious problems!
After having slept on the thoughts: shall I get it mended or replaced? I determined after having spoken to my “white ware” mender that it properly wasn’t worth mending as the poor thin was between 8 and 10 years old; and as he couldn’t replace mine before Wednesday next week I had to look somewhere else; not Currys but I went to John Lewis; that is I checked online and found the fridge larder I wanted but couldn’t work their website for next day delivery.
After the U3A computer group session and running Vernon back home, I went shopping at JL and within 5 minutes my fridge was purchased and it will be delivered tomorrow afternoon; not only will they bring the new one but they will also dispose of my old one.
Then I went to the library for my 2 sessions of ITbuddy’ing.

My new under the stairs cupboard

It started with a creaky 1st step on my staircase. I had a builder/handyman in two days running.
On the 1st day he fixed the 1st step – beautiful! It is now not creaking and feels very safe.
On the 2nd day he converted the hollow below the stairs to a cupboard space.
See pictures below.

2016-01-12 19.08.302016-01-12 19.08.57

Isn’t that just a good use of wasted space?
Now all I need to do is paint the door and frame.

Christmas Indulgence

I have just had 2 days of eating (too much).

The slimming  went up the chimney  as fast as Father Christmas got down it.

151224 in Brampton 02

On the 24th – in Brampton – which of course is the Danish Christmas
NOTE the real candles on the tree as well as electric ones.
We had Duck breast with sweet potatoes, stuffing, red cabbage and greens,
with wine followed by Danish Rice Pudding (definitely not for the faint hearted)
served with a lovely red cherry sauce and later coffee while we un-wrapped the presents.

Then on the 25th – off to Clacton on Sea for further indulgency
this time typical English Christmas dinner: Turkey with ham and stuffing
lots of vegetables, baked spuds and parsnips, brussel sprouts & broccoli.
All of this was followed by Christmas pud with Brandy sauce
& my “Risalamande” (more …), coffee and never empty bottles of wine.

What I am current getting up to.

I teach 4½ days a week either in my classroom or privately at my student’s homes. In the remaining time I update or write my lessons. I also find time to fix PCs – now and again.

I play poker at least twice a week and I sometimes manage to squeeze Tuesday evening poker in as well.

I try once a month to visit my 98-year-old aunty, who is doing remarkably well for her age. She even plays bridge twice a week. It keeps her mind active.

I am also busy updating my “Cookery Book for my Mother” both the online and the paper version.