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  • Flies in the Loft (2/23/2022) - I had a bit of a fly infestation in my loft. I didn’t notice it before I was putting my Christmas decoration away, but I must admit that I had seen flies around the house and I just couldn’t think where they came from, now I know. I went finger-shopping for pest-controllers. The first one […]
  • My 1st Online Vegetable Shopping (2/11/2021) - I have always been sceptic about purchasing fresh vegetables from the internet. How fresh is it and will it last? During this lockdown periods I have started to do more and more online shopping. But I was still reluctant to purchase fresh vegetables that I had not inspected and selected. OK, so the weather became […]
  • DIY when one forgets to ask the carers. (11/18/2020) - I forgot to ask the morning carer to carry the laundry basket downstairs, so I used a belt between the two handles and made an oversized shoulder bag. (LOL) The rest was easy. The lunchtime carer also came too early, by a quarter of an hour, but this time I just dragged the basket along […]
  • I am hooked up (11/14/2020) - This picture was taken just four days after my full left shoulder replacement. As you can see, the operation was successful and all I have to do is learning to just use one hand for everything. I am already starting on some basic exercises to strengthening the bruised muscles. Sleeping is a little bit problematic, […]
  • Yabby Dabby Doo a way overdue job, done! (12/18/2019) - Not solely by myself, but as my garden lady has stopped for winter I asked if I could hire her for a heavy-duty lifting job, to which she agreed. I didn’t take a picture before she started, but this is what’s either going to the Skip, Freegle, Nextdoor or belonging to DJKA. Everything in the […]
  • Thanks to Anglian Water (9/1/2019) - Somewhen between the 24/6/19 and 7.8.19 a not so friendly unknown person turned the water to my ponds on and left it on. When returning home after my shoulder operation, stay in the care home and with a friend, we found that the water was running in the garden. While sitting relaxing the phone rang, […]
  • Another fortnight has evaporated since the Op (8/2/2019) - The arm-sling is off and it found its way to the dustbin. I think we were maximum 5 minutes with the doctor, who looked at the scar poked a bit and checked my movements showed me the x-rays of the new shoulder, and answered 4 of 5 questions, wrote my release from surgery note and […]
  • My Total Shoulder Replacement & Recovery (7/20/2019) - I had my shoulder replacement on the 24th of June, all went well, but I had to stay at the hospital for 9 days until a bed was available in a convalescent home. I was so lucky to get a placement at Waterhall Care Home in Bletchley. The food was quite good and it was […]
  • Shoulder Replacement (6/18/2019) - My total shoulder replacement starts on Monday the 24th of June. After which I should be able to move my arm without pain and hopefully improve my range of movements. .
  • Interesting handwritten facts (8/26/2018) - I was doing a little de-cluttering and came across a diary belonging to my mother and while looking through the book I noticed that I actually could read her writing. I have always said that I couldn’t read her handwriting but … while reading I noticed some of my own handwriting at the desk and […]

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  • Hedgehogs (4/13/2021) - If you see me in your yard/garden, please put out some food (cat croquettes…) and some water (rain when possible). Don’t give me milk, I’ll drink it but I’ll feel bad. Don’t put insecticides out, PLEASE! I’m harmless and an opportunity for your garden because I feed on bugs that attack vegetables. My species is […]
  • My recent Garden changes (10/26/2020) - As you can see, I do not have a Fig-Jungle anymore. I decided to take the fig-tree down, as the stem was nearly 10cm in diameter. I got a tree surgent to remove it and kill the roots. Just look the space on the patio. And the light in my Livingroom, wow. That’s not all […]
  • My FIG Jungle (#1) (9/16/2020) - I forgot to take a picture of my fig jungle, but I did take one after I had cut a hole, and some pictures at a later state.             I still can’t quite see my windows       Look I do have Windows, but it will take a day to cut the debris. And I […]
  • Investigating a new garden (3/26/2018) - The sun is shining the outside temperature is not too good only 6/7°. Kath has already done 2-3 washings and have hung them all out. As she was out Coco decided to venture out and explorer the garden.
  • Produce from my Garden (6/7/2017) - My Gardening Friend came today, not only did she cut the lawn, she also harvested the rest of my radishes, one of the giant garlics and all my Spanish onions. There were only 4 radishes left and sadly they had become woody. Here is some pictures of my baby garlic      Plus this tray […]
  • Bean tepee (3/11/2017) - I was looking through my old folder and files to see what I could get rid of and came across this brilliant idea for children and grand-children. Don’t ask where I found it or why I kept it; but I feel I want to share it with my readers. What a brilliant way to grow […]

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