Daytrip to Clacton-on-Sea

I went on a daytrip to Clacton-on Sea with my friend Hillary. The trip was organised by Stantonbury Parish Council – There were 4 coaches laid on. It was a fantastic day out the sun was beaming the whole day. We left Milton Keynes at 8:15am and arrived in Clacton by 11:30.

Meet up with Kath, who took us along the coast and parked up. She and Hillary walked along the coast and although I had the walker with me, I just parked myself by the beach, to wait for them to come back. I did though go and dip my legs in the sea, it was lovely and I regretted not bringing a costume.

220824 Clacton-on-Sea

After they came back, we went to a little caff on the beach and had a drink. Then we ventured up the embankment. I had chosen a salmon (five S-lines to the top) type walkway. It was LONG trip. But at least at the top we went to a restaurant and had some lovely lunch.

We had to be back in Clacton by 5 pm, but we had enough time to swing via Frinton for Hillary to see where Kath had moved to. Kath dropped us off at the Pier in Clacton just before 5pm. And we were home by 8:30.

Thank you, Stantonbury Parish Council, for a lovely day.