Long Weekend in Denmark

Kath and I came back from a lovely time in Denmark. I got a cold that took me two weeks to shake off.
Anyway here are four pictures from Tivoli.

image         image
   Friend & Nat                            Marlis, Kath & friend

Yes it was cold, but some mulled wine and Danish doughnuts (æbleskiver) helped.

image      image
A nisse (Danish for elf/gnome) go-around      The Palace Restaurant – Tivoli

We went to Helsingør to meet up with Heidi

    Picture of Kath and Heidi

First we went to see Kronborg Castle featured in Hamlet by Shakespeare.
I found my old friend Holger Danske in the catacombs


He had been moved but was still looking after little Denmark
as told by Hans Christian Anderson (see more …)


Then we went to have some food and afterwards Danish pastry.
Only one of the cakes were for Kath.