Dinner for one+

It is so lucky that I love cooking. I started to make 2x apple crumple (1 normal & 1 gluten free); that was the easy part. But then I thought of dinner and I knew I had 2-3 pork chops that needed to be cooked. So, what to cook?

I decided on an oven bake with the pork chops, onion, leeks and carrots; that would take 90 minutes to cook. In the meantime I finished the crumple and as the oven was already hot and running; great two-in-one action.

So I prepared the normal crumple and put it in the oven (needed 45 minutes); then I finished the gluten free one but no space in oven, so it had to wait.

By now I was really hungry, so I knocked up a tuna mayonnaise spread.

Armed with a slice of ryvita and tuna-mayo plus a cup of coffee I sat down and watched TV waiting for the bells to call me to the oven.