Just an update on my life

I have had a rather busy time since January. I am still doing the IT-Buddy at MK-library, a volunteering service to help people with no or little IT-knowledge to appreciate the power of a computer, if only just to be able to read and send emails to friends and family, Some want to know how to use their smartphones, others have got a tablet but don’t know how to use them. The list goes on and on …

My hips are playing up causing me a lot of pain, which is finally being investigated, thank god. The only thing I am afraid of is: if I do have to have another hip-replacement there is no way I would be able to walk with crutches, as my shoulder operation 2 years ago didn’t work and is constantly giving me grief.

I went with my friend Edna to my flat in Spain, near Sucina in Murcia region; to see what needed to be done before summer lets (hopefully) start. I upgraded my TV to a 30” flat screen that I am going to hang on the wall. Other things needed my attention, and I have to go back as I need to change one of the mattresses but it was purchased in Ikea so they ought to just replace it but who know how easy that is!

I had picked up bronchitis somewhere so when we returned, I was sick for 3 weeks. I had not visited the doctor’s surgery for over one year, and suddenly I was visiting them once a week in all 5 times, with three outstanding referrals (x-ray, ultra-scan & GP small-surgery). That’s enough of OAP aches and pains.

I have purchased sliding doors for my bedroom, but my builder/handy-man is NOT interested in fitting them, he gave me a price but has not turned up. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. And I recommended him to so many people that he ought to be jumping to my aid; but alas …