My Slimming History

1st October

I came across this report/advert (Consumer Health) and I thought that because it was free (bar postage) I would give it a try. So I ordered my free products. Sadly I had to do that in 2 different transactions; but so what.

The 2 products are:

  • Acai Max Cleanse – Helps decrease body fat; Increases Metabolism; Boost energy Levels; helps reduce appetite; powerful antioxidant.
  • Colon Cleanse – Help Cleanse your colon; breaks up faecal matter; helps reduce water retention; helps reduce occasional loating.

7th October

the “Colon Cleanser” arrived today. But I am going away for the week-end so I will wait and the “Acai Max Cleanse” hasn’t arrived yet. I will do them both together.

10th October

the “Acai Max Cleanse” arrived while I was away. I am going to busy on Monday so I will start on Tuesday.

13th October 2010

I started the Slimming Supplements today!


March 2011

As I suspected it didn’t work – I stuck with it for 6 weeks – some of the tablets tasted too badly.
It was a total flop!!!